May 10

Atherton Tablelands – clean green energy & hi-tech tourism

About 4 weeks ago I vowed to write a blog on the clean energy future.

Then we had the leadership tussle, the state and local council elections,  the HUS debacle, the sign off from Bob Brown and the budget.  Exhausting. Time to take a break from politics and go local. Thanks to Tony Stickley’s write up in the Weekend Post 14th April 2012, I am feeling more optimistic.

“Winds of change…”  the $550million Mt Emerald Wind Farm near Walkamin could power all the Tablelands and 60% of Cairns, and its clean, green and renewable energy.  The project will deliver a boost to the local economy in the form of jobs; approx 100 construction workers and 10-15 ongoing positions PLUS the proposed $12 million Asia Pacific Energy Innovation Centre – a high tech tourism venture which will undoubtedly boost tourism.

Vision – Asia Pacific Energy Innovation Centre – Mt Emerald Wind Farm

While there is still concern about the size and location, the developers Ratch Australia) and Port Bajool (local property developers) are convinced that noise levels will fall within guidelines.  The company’s enewsletter provides more details – Mount_Emerald_Newsletter_4.pdf.

Generating power locally has got to be heaps better than transmitting it up here from coal-fired generators in central Queensland and what’s worse, losing 30-40% of that power enroute. The development application is currently being assessed by the Tableland Regional Council.


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  1. More info coming.

    • russell francis on March 11, 2013 at 1:06 pm
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    Just like to congratulate you Eve on your spot on info gathering, pity that you cant get a guest spot with the SMH or The Australian, from those platforms you would certainly get joe publics attention. In this day of every one being time poor or poor span of attention, your input cuts to the chase. I mean they give cretins Amanda Vanstone, Graham Richardson, Peter Beattie, lots of space to pontificate about how it should be done all of them are burnt out old pollies with dangerously low levels of Super funds due to living above their means. So they sell cheap useless information for what they can get. The only credible contibutors are people like Mark Latham……..
    Any how keep up the good work.

    LOL Russell

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  3. […] a link to a previous blog – October 2012 on a clean energy future.  Tom Volling reporting in the Cains Post last week confirmed […]

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