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Jan 29

Welcome to 2018 II The Grand Seducer II emotive images II the new slavery II Kurds help and hindrance II Reflections on 2017 II

Welcome to 2018 An image, photograph or painting, it’s the visuals that catch my attention always.  So it was with The Grand Seducer, Emmanuel Macron – even his name says ‘elite’.  Macron was featured in The Weekend Australian Magazine,   the photograph is magnetic.  In the article by Harry de Quettteville, Macron is described as mesmerizing, …

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Sep 29

Cairns Aquarium II Driving to nowhere II Dutton’s $$ chest II Slashing human rights II Gaza – a way out II eurozone & the amazing Ms Merkel II Tweets abound, Airbnb special and Rover Thomas

Welcome to R1M September blog, featuring the new Cairns Aquarium, driving to nowhere with driverless cars, Dutton’s $$ chest II A way out for Gaza, eurozone fightback and the amazing Ms Merkel  II Tweets abound & Airbnb special and Rover Thomas. CONGRATULATIONS are due to young local entrepreneurs, Daniel Leipnik and Andrew Preston, who this week …

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Apr 29

Morally indefensible II Innovation JCU II Nasty world – Trump II One belt One road II Power bills to soar II

APRIL BLOG Contents: Morally indefensible II Innovation JCU II Nasty world – Trump II II One belt, One road II Rogue company II Power bills to soar II Quote of the month II  Morally indefensible People working long term in the public service and living in public housing make me angry. Well paid, six months paid …

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Mar 28

Energy crisis II World water day II Climate change II Empire or vampire – Amazon

MARCH BLOG Contents: Energy crisis II World Water Day II Climate change II Amazon – empire or vampire II Peter Dunne – artist Not in my wildest dreams, did I ever think I would welcome a cyclone.  We have had four months of excruciating heat and high humidity, today’s temperature is expected to be a wicked …

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Nov 29

Youth Boost II Reshoring II AI and VI tech terms II Our Nobel Laureate II Matters of Control II Hottest Year on Record II Festive Greetings

BLOG NOVEMBER 2016 Headlines: Youth Boost II Reshoring II AI and VI tech terms II Our Nobel Laureate II Matters of Control II Hottest Year on Record II Festive Greetings Less than four weeks until Christmas and the tropical heat is taking its toll.  This month’s blog takes a brief look at the changing context …

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Oct 27

Cairns promo II Syria’s Angels II Cloud underwater II Trade backlash and more

BLOG  OCTOBER 2016 Headlines : Cairns promo, Syria’s Angels, Cloud underwater, Trade backlash, first home owners, Tully beauty. Walking around and working in the garden in the early hours of the morning just as the sun is rising gives me much joy in a world of hyper activity.  Semi retirement gives one the luxury of …

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Jun 30

ABC content II CCS II after Brexit II New capitalism

Switching off from electioneering has been difficult over the past two months, but now I have to pay attention as Saturday 2 July looms. Fortunately you may say,  this blog hardly mentions the Australian election,  except I did complete the ABC’s Compass survey to find I am a progressive, whatever that may mean.  This blog …

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Apr 30

Morrison’s nightmare budget II Congrats new councillors

CONTENTS:  Budget and Gender Balance It seems the political climate couldn’t get much worse for Turnbull and co., with its first budget due on Tuesday 3rd May.  This week PNG demanded that the Government act in closing down Manus Island detention centre and there’s no back up plan.  Yesterday Opposition leader Bill Shorten announced an …

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May 10

It’s all about GAS

Speaking at the Future of Manufacturing Conference in Sydney in late March, Mr Andrew Leveris who co-chairs US President Barack Obama’s Advanced Manufacturing Partnership in the US, said that Australia should develop its own gas reserves for the domestic market thereby adding valued manufacturing to its resource base. Australia has allowed independent oil companies to control …

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May 10

Atherton Tablelands – clean green energy & hi-tech tourism

About 4 weeks ago I vowed to write a blog on the clean energy future. Then we had the leadership tussle, the state and local council elections,  the HUS debacle, the sign off from Bob Brown and the budget.  Exhausting. Time to take a break from politics and go local. Thanks to Tony Stickley’s write up …

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