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Sep 30

Dr Who II Guthrie goes II This magic pill II Mediating with Machines II Organic Plastic II ReefGATE II Headlines of Impact II

Welcome to the September Blog. Contents:   Dr WHO II ABC boss goes II Magic anti-ageing pill ? II  Mediating with Machines II Organic Plastic II ReefGATE and Headlines of Impact … Meet Jodie Whittaker age 35 and the new Dr. WHO.   Most famous for her part in Broadchurch, a British detective series aired on the …

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Feb 28

Jobs versus Ai II Uni versus TAFE II Aged care innovation II Hanson – cut payroll tax II Gas for Twiggy

Contents: Jobs versus Ai II Uni versus TAFE II Aged Care innovation II Job Active not working II Hanson – cut payroll tax II Gas for Twiggy Nearing the end of February and there’s been little news on the national front over the past couple of months with the pollies away on their summer vacation.  …

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Jan 29

Welcome to 2018 II The Grand Seducer II emotive images II the new slavery II Kurds help and hindrance II Reflections on 2017 II

Welcome to 2018 An image, photograph or painting, it’s the visuals that catch my attention always.  So it was with The Grand Seducer, Emmanuel Macron – even his name says ‘elite’.  Macron was featured in The Weekend Australian Magazine,   the photograph is magnetic.  In the article by Harry de Quettteville, Macron is described as mesmerizing, …

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Nov 29

Calm before the storm I House of cards I Future of work I Protection and risk

Contents:  Calm before storm and House of Cards refer to the economy, Future of work and Protection and risk.   The QLD election has come and gone, and I welcomed the brevity.  We are now into another Christmas and the heat is on. The calm before the storm refers to both Qld’s debt – $71.98 billion,  and …

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Oct 30

Witch hunt II Bitcoin Ascendancy II Eyes of a Dreamer II Headlines of Impact II

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Sep 29

Cairns Aquarium II Driving to nowhere II Dutton’s $$ chest II Slashing human rights II Gaza – a way out II eurozone & the amazing Ms Merkel II Tweets abound, Airbnb special and Rover Thomas

Welcome to R1M September blog, featuring the new Cairns Aquarium, driving to nowhere with driverless cars, Dutton’s $$ chest II A way out for Gaza, eurozone fightback and the amazing Ms Merkel  II Tweets abound & Airbnb special and Rover Thomas. CONGRATULATIONS are due to young local entrepreneurs, Daniel Leipnik and Andrew Preston, who this week …

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Sep 01

Nth Korea II SUPA NOT II Iceberg II Screen legend II Breaking News

North Korea – short and sharp Introduction:  With one day to research and write, this month’s blog is a challenge. This week  the North Korean Leader decided to threaten anyone and everyone by shooting a ballistic missile over Japan. The world I think, has a short time span for reacting to atrocities, famine, and even …

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