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Oct 30

Witch hunt II Bitcoin Ascendancy II Eyes of a Dreamer II Headlines of Impact II

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Sep 29

Cairns Aquarium II Driving to nowhere II Dutton’s $$ chest II Slashing human rights II Gaza – a way out II eurozone & the amazing Ms Merkel II Tweets abound, Airbnb special and Rover Thomas

Welcome to R1M September blog, featuring the new Cairns Aquarium, driving to nowhere with driverless cars, Dutton’s $$ chest II A way out for Gaza, eurozone fightback and the amazing Ms Merkel  II Tweets abound & Airbnb special and Rover Thomas. CONGRATULATIONS are due to young local entrepreneurs, Daniel Leipnik and Andrew Preston, who this week …

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May 28

Freedom bloggers, Hope and Faith, 3 of Time’s 100 most influential people

This month’s BLOG will NOT focus on the forthcoming election or Australian politics.  I reviewed so much stuff this month but the articles and work that really stood out belonged to bloggers, advocates and artists.  Time magazine’s most influential people – in this case, those little known. Enjoy… CONTENT –  Freedom to Connect  II  ‘the …

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