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Jun 30

Blood suckers II Penalty rates II Music legend II Global seed vault II Sustainability

June Blog Introduction II  Blood suckers II Penalty rates II Greg Allman II Global seed vault  II Sustainability II Quote of the month This month’s blog which will be brief, it looks at Aveo, one of Australia’s largest companies in the aged sector, penalty rates in a city where tourism is king and casualisation is …

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Oct 27

Cairns promo II Syria’s Angels II Cloud underwater II Trade backlash and more

BLOG  OCTOBER 2016 Headlines : Cairns promo, Syria’s Angels, Cloud underwater, Trade backlash, first home owners, Tully beauty. Walking around and working in the garden in the early hours of the morning just as the sun is rising gives me much joy in a world of hyper activity.  Semi retirement gives one the luxury of …

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Aug 28

Omnibus – no bus at all II Creative Cairns – illuminating ART II Youth Unemployment, a disgrace II Asteroid – too close for comfort II Trump a trickster

Omnibus – no bus at all … The election is long gone, the census debacle a faint memory, and I thought I should just check on the $6.5 billion omnibus bill …a $1.3 billion cut with the removal of the clean energy supplement.  That amount equates to $14 a fortnight for those on aged pension …

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Jun 30

ABC content II CCS II after Brexit II New capitalism

Switching off from electioneering has been difficult over the past two months, but now I have to pay attention as Saturday 2 July looms. Fortunately you may say,  this blog hardly mentions the Australian election,  except I did complete the ABC’s Compass survey to find I am a progressive, whatever that may mean.  This blog …

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Apr 30

Morrison’s nightmare budget II Congrats new councillors

CONTENTS:  Budget and Gender Balance It seems the political climate couldn’t get much worse for Turnbull and co., with its first budget due on Tuesday 3rd May.  This week PNG demanded that the Government act in closing down Manus Island detention centre and there’s no back up plan.  Yesterday Opposition leader Bill Shorten announced an …

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Feb 17

Hockey’s $56 Billion black hole – a little tweaking …

Scrap Lifetime pensions (20 yrs) for politicians and senior public servants – the Age of Entitlement is over ! $10,146,760 for PM + $8,000,320 for Depty PM + $7,317,360 Treasurer + $7,219,800 Leader of the Opposition + $6,829,540 House of Reps Speaker + $6,829,540 Leader of the House + $6,731,980 Minister + $4,782,240 Parliamentary Secretary  + $6,146,580 …

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Feb 03

Health payroll bungle…. an understatement !

Thanks to Sarah Elks,  journalist with Weekend Australian,  we finally get some figures: $6.19 Million to purchase the new payroll system from IBM $37 Million paid to IBM in addition (WHY?) – system finally went live in March 2010 $64 Million – Bligh Government’s own costs to get it up and running….. SO FAR … …

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Jan 27

Dramatised language

In an age of ‘fill’ information, media outlets use alarmist language to gain our attention in a sea of information overload.  So we become discerning, we look for the unusual, quirky, humorous and the factual elements of news reportage in a world of ‘change’. But we also seek peace.

May 10

Atherton Tablelands – clean green energy & hi-tech tourism

About 4 weeks ago I vowed to write a blog on the clean energy future. Then we had the leadership tussle, the state and local council elections,  the HUS debacle, the sign off from Bob Brown and the budget.  Exhausting. Time to take a break from politics and go local. Thanks to Tony Stickley’s write up …

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Dec 03


EBC-46 a new cancer drug derived from the rainforest blushwood tree is close to human trials. Worth billions if successful this new cancer drug has been developed by EcoBiotics, a Tableland based company in Far North Queensland.  The drug has been tested treating tumours in cats, dogs and horses, in some cases the cancerous tumours …

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