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Mar 28

Energy crisis II World water day II Climate change II Empire or vampire – Amazon

MARCH BLOG Contents: Energy crisis II World Water Day II Climate change II Amazon – empire or vampire II Peter Dunne – artist Not in my wildest dreams, did I ever think I would welcome a cyclone.  We have had four months of excruciating heat and high humidity, today’s temperature is expected to be a wicked …

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Oct 27

Cairns promo II Syria’s Angels II Cloud underwater II Trade backlash and more

BLOG  OCTOBER 2016 Headlines : Cairns promo, Syria’s Angels, Cloud underwater, Trade backlash, first home owners, Tully beauty. Walking around and working in the garden in the early hours of the morning just as the sun is rising gives me much joy in a world of hyper activity.  Semi retirement gives one the luxury of …

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Apr 30

Morrison’s nightmare budget II Congrats new councillors

CONTENTS:  Budget and Gender Balance It seems the political climate couldn’t get much worse for Turnbull and co., with its first budget due on Tuesday 3rd May.  This week PNG demanded that the Government act in closing down Manus Island detention centre and there’s no back up plan.  Yesterday Opposition leader Bill Shorten announced an …

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Apr 27

Dredging Trinity Inlet

Good news from diplomats at UNESCO who are suggesting protection of the Fitzroy delta and the veto on dredge spoil dumping in and near the Reef,  could see the “In danger” listing removed from the Great Barrier Reef’s World Heritage area. It was 15 years ago in October 1990 that Russell Francis, then photographer for …

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Dec 09

‘Staying sane in the fast lane’ with Vietnam

It’s been five months since I last made contact.  The anxiety cycle began with an external event (loss of job/contract). Negative thoughts followed  (not much work out there,  government & businesses downsizing) resulting in feelings of anxiety.  I had to manage my anxiety and the company. Adopting techniques – dispute the rationale, and restructure the …

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May 10

Atherton Tablelands – clean green energy & hi-tech tourism

About 4 weeks ago I vowed to write a blog on the clean energy future. Then we had the leadership tussle, the state and local council elections,  the HUS debacle, the sign off from Bob Brown and the budget.  Exhausting. Time to take a break from politics and go local. Thanks to Tony Stickley’s write up …

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