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May 30

II Reef Lotto II Arts – Alexandra Palace II No to Affordable Housing II Malaysia’s Mandela II Bidi Bidi – release from hell II

Welcome to the May BLOG Contents :  Reef Lotto II  Arts – Alexandra Palace II No to affordable housing II Malaysia’s Mandela II Bidi Bidi – release from hell II Now that the budget has been and gone (see Reef Lotto), and the Royal wedding with all its pomp and ceremony was televised globally,  we …

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Jan 29

Welcome to 2018 II The Grand Seducer II emotive images II the new slavery II Kurds help and hindrance II Reflections on 2017 II

Welcome to 2018 An image, photograph or painting, it’s the visuals that catch my attention always.  So it was with The Grand Seducer, Emmanuel Macron – even his name says ‘elite’.  Macron was featured in The Weekend Australian Magazine,   the photograph is magnetic.  In the article by Harry de Quettteville, Macron is described as mesmerizing, …

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Oct 30

Witch hunt II Bitcoin Ascendancy II Eyes of a Dreamer II Headlines of Impact II

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Apr 29

Morally indefensible II Innovation JCU II Nasty world – Trump II One belt One road II Power bills to soar II

APRIL BLOG Contents: Morally indefensible II Innovation JCU II Nasty world – Trump II II One belt, One road II Rogue company II Power bills to soar II Quote of the month II  Morally indefensible People working long term in the public service and living in public housing make me angry. Well paid, six months paid …

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Mar 28

Energy crisis II World water day II Climate change II Empire or vampire – Amazon

MARCH BLOG Contents: Energy crisis II World Water Day II Climate change II Amazon – empire or vampire II Peter Dunne – artist Not in my wildest dreams, did I ever think I would welcome a cyclone.  We have had four months of excruciating heat and high humidity, today’s temperature is expected to be a wicked …

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Oct 27

Cairns promo II Syria’s Angels II Cloud underwater II Trade backlash and more

BLOG  OCTOBER 2016 Headlines : Cairns promo, Syria’s Angels, Cloud underwater, Trade backlash, first home owners, Tully beauty. Walking around and working in the garden in the early hours of the morning just as the sun is rising gives me much joy in a world of hyper activity.  Semi retirement gives one the luxury of …

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Sep 29

Increasing Tensions II Employment + II Deficit II Spaceships&Rockets

BLOG SEPTEMBER 2016 – INCREASING TENSIONS The ‘theatre of war’ sounds as though it can be contained.  But just acknowledging current conflicts worldwide,  it seems half the world is at war. Major wars (dark brown) signify 10,000+ deaths in current year, wars (red) up to 10,000 deaths in current year. minor conflicts, 100–999 deaths in current/past …

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